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Why the Few Outperform the Many

7 Timeless Principles to Great Marketing

Why is it, in any industry, there are a few businesses killing it, whilst the majority languish, that some businesses thrive, when most struggle. Why does one individual become an influencer, while the next 100 can’t get more than a handful of followers.

In this ground-breaking presentation, Ben distils down the very essence of what great marketing is and how you can apply these principles to take your business to the next level, how you can shift from mediocrity to prominence, from anonymity to stardom.

Ben Hirons

Those ‘Aha’ insights include:

Serial Entrepreneur, Rocket Scientist & Explorer Wannabe.

One of the leading marketing minds in Australian business. Over the past 20 years, Ben has started and grown three successful businesses, researched over 1000 SMEs and studied the great marketeers of our generation. Not to mention he has quite an interesting superpower.

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Brands Ben has worked with:

“Always love hearing Ben present. He has this uncanny knack of getting to the real juicy parts of what makes up great marketing. Not to mention highly entertaining and engaging.”

- Heath Kilgour, Serial Entrepreneur

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